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Lifes a Beach

I’m going to give myself a pat on the back. Growing up in Paekākāriki, it was a beach life. A big focus over the summer months was surf lifesaving. It stood to reason. As a beachside community, people swam and surfed there. While I was never actively involved the surf...

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Posing Up Close in London

One of the reasons for attending the recent World Track and Field Championships in London over August was to get a first hand a feel for how showcase events are run these days so I can more accurately describe the mechanics of the latest innovations in my novels....

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Writing After The Fact

I haven’t written a blog for a while due to being busy on the work front (yes, like 88% of aspiring authors, I work a day job that lets me save a bit on the side for producing my running novels) and also because I’ve been writing in my spare time. Asked recently why I...

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Athletics New Nitro Pioneers

Every year is different, however I think 2017 is truly going to be one out of the bag. For starters there’s going to be a new guy, who many didn't see coming, calling the shots over at the White House. Elsewhere, in the world of athletics, come February there’s also a...

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Wannabe Wellington Distance Running God

I wrote this blog on the third day of summer and three days have since passed. On the first day of summer, I tweeted that coincidentally I was also attending the first of three scheduled Christmas Parties for the festive season and promptly lost three followers! Not...

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Social Media and ‘running with a famous guy’

Living in an age of the smart phone and social media accounts, two words seem to get a lot of air time than they ever did when I was a kid - in fact one of the words, the selfie wasn't even invented. The second word, narcissistic was – although I never heard it used....

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Rio The Good, Bad, Ugly and Bizarre

The Olympic Games have that Christmas feel to them. The expectation of something exciting, the long build-up to that, then in a flash it's all over. On January 1st, one of the first tweets I read simply said, ‘It’s Olympic year.’ That was exciting. For me the Rio...

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An Olympic Oddity

With the Rio Olympic Games three weeks away, something tells me we will see athletes caught out drug cheating, if not in Rio, then sometime after. Sadly it's something that's been going on for a long time now. The third section of my first novel No Wind is called...

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Product Review | Octane Zero Runner ZR7

Over my life, I’ve done a lot of running, a lot of it at a faster than average pace for competitive competition. Over that time, I’ve also slowly broken down as a runner as I’ve built up scar tissue and issues that make running on the road or grass problematic. I now...

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